Monday, July 14, 2008


We LOVE popcorn in our house. But this one is a special treat. I don't make it real often, but save it for special occasions, like holidays and family gatherings. Or when someone begs me to make it, just because. Don't you just love that sweet / salty combo? This one really hits the mark for that! And it's super easy.


Vegetable oil
1/2 cup white popping corn
1/4 cup white sugar
1/2 stick butter, melted

Gather your supplies so they will be handy. You'll need a long handled wooden spoon. Set your popcorn bowl near the stove. Measure out your sugar into a scoop or bowl, or some kind of container, and keep it sitting right near the stove, where you can reach it quick. Heat enough oil in the bottom of your favorite popcorn popping pan, to cover the bottom of the pan. Pour in the popcorn and let it "fry" for a few minutes, stirring it occasionally. AS SOON AS the first kernel pops, dump in the sugar and start stirring it with the wooden spoon. The sugar will stop the popping action, but don't be alarmed. Keep stirring the popcorn and sugar mixture until it begins to pop again. Place the lid on, and let it continue to pop. Give the pan a good shake here and there to keep the sugar from staying in one place and burning. AS SOON as the popping slows to a near stop, dump the popcorn out into the bowl. Pour the 1/2 stick of melted butter over the top and give it a good stir or shake to coat it evenly. Sprinkle lightly with salt and ENJOY!


Jen said...

Oh I always wondered how to made kettle corn. We are big popcorn people too. I'm going to surprise them with this one. We were so thrilled when we finally got a real popcorn maker, microwave doesn't do it LOL.

I taste a new favorite! thanks

Sparkysparky said...

Making kettle corn is tricky. (I make it at festivals from a tent.) You need a huge amount of heat to do it right - and you've got to keep the sugar/oil moving all the time.

Velma's "Wicked Delicious" Kettle Corn popcorn

Starr said...

Thanks for stopping by Velma. Thanks for the lesson on how to make Kettle corn for a gazallion people! LOL I think I'll stick to my stove top version for my little family! It looks a lot easier than what you folks have to go through. Plus I don't have room in my cupboard for a kettle that size! *hehe*

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I made this last night for my family, and they thought that they'd "died and gone to the fair"! LOL
It smelled so good, and the mixture of sweet and salty was perfect!
My youngest son wanted me to make him some more for breakfast this morning.
This just might be something that I'll have to make every night now.

Starr said...

How awesome that your family loved it Sara! I know, it's a real favorite here in our house too. So easy, and you don't have to wait on the fair to come to town! LOL