Monday, August 25, 2008


WARNING: If you have heart problems, DO NOT read this recipe! It will cause immediate chest pains!

OK folks - don't be appalled here. Just when you thought bacon couldn't be any unhealthier... Every once in a while my Honey loves a good challenge. He and a bunch of his buddies have been tossing around the idea of Chicken fried bacon *GASP!* I know, it's a heart attack waiting to happen, and he gave me permission to remind him of that if he has one! *shaking head here* I told him if he ever has open heart surgery, they'll be looking around in his arteries, a doctor will hold up his forceps and say, "I think I found the problem" and it will be an entire slice of bacon! LOL
Anyway, He came in the door today from the store and seemed all excited. He kept saying "Today's the day!" I asked him what he was doing. He said, I'm making bacon, just let me have my fun! LOLOL When he was finished, he asked if I would post his bacon experiment / adventure on here for all the world to see (mainly GUYS). What is it with guys and BACON? It's like a cult with them. He says he could wrap bacon around a boot and it would taste good. I actually tasted this - I know, I know, ladies don't think ill of me. It's just that he seemed so happy, like he had conquered Mt. Everest or something, and I wanted to share in his joy. After I took a bite, chewed it AND swallowed it, I immediately repented in sack cloth and ashes! LOL
Anyway... on to the steps for chicken FRIED bacon! *YIKES!"


1 lb bacon
Drakes coating mix
Canola oil (because we need to keep it "healthy!")

2 simple ingredients.
First you take 2 (TWO) bacon strips at a time and coat them with the dry mix...

Then you mix a little water with the Drakes and make a batter. Coat the bacon a 2nd time in the batter. Hang in there with me, it gets "better."

Fry in a hot skillet of canola oil (gotta keep it "heart healthy" you know!)

Drain WELL on paper towels (pat dry with rag rugs, scour with SOS pads, ANYTHING to get the extra fat off of them!) I don't even want to venture a guess on the amount of fat in these! It has to be at least 3 days worth though! If he's going to do this kind of stuff, I'm never buying bacon for him again! *hehe*

Bears cup, lit candles, MORE bacon, FRIED eggs. He's going to have to be an EXTREMELY good boy for several days now, after me letting him do this! ROFLOL I love this man! He's so stinking funny!

I think he's feeling guilty now. He's sitting in the chair on our sunporch reading my most recent edition of Cooking LIGHT! ROFLOL He's leafing through the magazine and what do his eyes land on? Creamed corn with BACON of all things! Oi Vey! Will it ever end?


Susan said...

I have to admit my eyes got wide when I read your title! LOL I don't know what it is with bacon, but my guys love it too. Last night Wes asked the boys if they wanted a Baconator from Wendy's, and you should have heard the whoop that went up! ;)

Keep that man away from the bacon!

Tammy said...

I'm kind of amazed that the breading stayed on as bacon tends to shrink...WOW!

I love bacon...but not that much...LOL...LOL!!

Blessings to you and your Husband!☺

Sara1977 said...

I'll admit... I LOVE bacon, but this does not sound or look good to me. LOL
I'll take plain bacon and eggs any day though!
Glad that he liked it!

Anonymous said...

All you need are some deep fried twinkies and oreos to complete the coronary :)

Teri W

Katie said...

Oh my!!! I think I have been rendered speechless!! LOL

Christina said...

I pulled this up with my 2 yo son on my lap. When he saw the picture he yelled "BACON"! Yep, he's in love with bacon too.

Starr said...

LOL Christina! I think the love of bacon is a "male bonding" thing! They secretly want to beat their chests while they are eating it! LOL

cupcake said...

Ok this is just too funny!

Cindy H said...

If my hubby ever had a thought of cooking (and he wouldn't) I'm sure it would be something just like this! So funny! For Father's day we had a bacon themed meal but thamkfully this wasn't on our menu! Great post!

Puddlemom said...

SMH, praying for you dear Starr.