Friday, August 22, 2008


Please do me a favor. If you happen to make any of the recipes here on my blog, please be sure to come back and post your review of it. Things like: Was it easy? Difficult? Did your family like it or dislike it? Did you have to change anything about it? Were you out of an ingredient and had to substitute and it still turned out good or better? Things like that. But mostly if you liked it! LOL
You won't offend me in the slightest with your reviews. I always find it very helpful when I visit a recipe site and find reviews from others who have actually made it. That's why I put a small review, myself at the beginning of each recipe. That is my personal take on it. If you've ever read the recipe on here for Italian chicken and artichokes, you'll see that we actually didn't care for the artichokes. I will make the dish again, because in and of itself, it was delicious. But I will use a different form of artichoke.

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