Monday, October 6, 2008


Several ladies have asked me about menu plans. But
I freely admit it. I am horrible about menu planning. It's just not my cup of tea. I guess I don't like planning a menu, only to go shopping at the grocery store to see that the beef I wanted is $4 / lb. I plan 2, sometimes 3 of our menus for the week, the rest is flying by the seat of my skirt! haha

I started a menu blog, but it is just sitting there not receiving any attention. So I decided to move the few menus that are there, to my main cooking blog.

We have an ACE Academy where hot lunch is served everyday. I've asked our lunch lady, Miss Amy, to share her lunch menus with us so I can post them here. She said they aren't really anything very exciting. But trust me, I've eaten some school lunches in the past and recently (in Bible colleges we've visited) and her lunches are TREMENDOUS compared to the rest. Most of her ideas could easily be used for a weeknight dinner menu.
So THANK YOU Miss Amy - a thousand times over! I look forward to posting all your menu ideas in the future!

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