Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I love reading about people's "signature" dishes. What is your signature dish? By that, I mean, the dish that you are known for - it has your name written all over it. Not LITERALLY, mind you! It's the dish people expect you to bring to a dinner, and if you don't, they ask you where it is. When you do take it to fellowships, you get asked for the recipe. And if you get asked for the recipe, you can sit right down where you are and write it out for them. You've made it so many times you know the recipe by heart. If you look at the recipe, you can read it as fast backwards and upside down, as you can forwards and right side up! You could make it with both eyes closed and one arm tied behind your back. haha Get the picture? So WHAT is it?


Arlene said...

When we were in Japan, it was definitely my mom's fried rice recipe. If I didn't bring that, oh, some people would have a heart attack, LOL!

Here in the States, I haven't quite found my signature main dish, but my dessert is for sure blondies. EVERYONE asks for the recipe, wants me to bring it, and there are never any leftover! :o)

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I'm famous for my cowboy cookies and my pumpkin cookies. My daughter wrote in her blog today that she has become so famous for the cowboy cookies that people are mad at her if she doesn't bring them.

My husband has fond memories of the women in his Lutheran church when he was growing up. They were all famous for a particular dish and were required to take "that dish" to church suppers.

He is sixty-one years old (he is older than me!) and will still wax poetic about those church suppers. I wonder how good it really was or if it was the cake in combination with childhood. :)

~*Laura*~ said...

One of the two recipes I am "famous" for is here. Almond cookie cake, and the other I am "famous" for is Pear Walnut Sour Cream Cake.

Susan said...

I've had to change it up here, because people don't eat as much sweets here - and my dishes are mostly sweets. My signature dish in Texas was my apple pie. My pastor's wife loved it even though she didn't like apple pie! ;)

Here I make banana pudding. I just happened to make it for one potluck, no one had ever had it here, and now I make it often, but not for every potluck.

I'm also known (in Texas) for my homemade biscuits. I would make them every Sunday morning for Wes, and it grew into his taking one to our pastor, then to the guys on staff, then to the bus drivers . . . good thing we left when we did or I'd be making 100 biscuits every Sunday morning!

Diamond to Be said...

I have two, and both are salads. One is called A Bunch of Broccoli, and the other is a Top Ramen chicken salad. Were you looking for recipes to go along with these comments? I'd be happy to share mine. :o) Just leave me a comment.

April Jo said...

My guys all said unanimously...."CHOCOLATE BISCUITS AND GRAVY!!" with expresion!!!!