Sunday, January 4, 2009

TABLESCAPES - Snow and Ice

Today we woke up to our little town being covered in ice! We had to cancel morning services, because nobody could drive safely on the roads. So I decided to decorate our Sunday dinner table with the weather in mind - snow and ice. It's a simple table, but blue is my favorite color, so this is one of my favorite tablescapes. I've had this linen set forever, it seems. But it has held up so well over the years. I have a red set just like it, and the same thing holds true about it. If you ever find a "satin stripe" linen set, you should invest in it, they keep REALLY well. I've had both sets for probably 20 years now. We use linens every Sunday, so they get a LOT of use, but you would never know it with these. I do take pretty good care of them. I never wash them with any other laundry - only by themselves. I also keep them hung on individual hangers in the linen closet, with the napkins, pressed and hanging over the tops of the tablecloths.

I love the icy garland that my daughter found on clearance a couple years ago. And I found the white ceramic snowflakes on clearance, after the Winter season was over. The silver pillar candle holders, I bought brand new at a garage sale this past Summer. I think she only charged me $2 for them. Normally when I do this table, I'll sprinkle fake snow around the centerpiece too, but just didn't do that today for some reason. I had it, just didn't do it.

The china was passed down to me, when hubby's mother passed away back in 1985. It's very special to me, and goes so well with the Winter theme.
I'm always on the lookout for table decorations - but I never buy anything very expensive. I stick to the clearance racks, after season sell-outs, garage sales, etc... You can find some really pretty or cute things if you just keep your eyes open specifically for that sort of thing.


Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Very, very pretty! And thanks for the WW recipes. I have not tried them yet but hope to soon.


Nina in Portugal said...

Starr....I love that table too. I'm not sure if I liked your Christmas table or this one better.....I hope to be able to collect somethings like you have and use them frequently, also like you do. I don't like pretty things that I'm afraid to use....why have them, you know?!

Beautifully done!