Friday, March 15, 2013


A couple of years ago I introduced my youngest daughter to you (Hannah Flaugher) as another host on my blog. I think she was newly married at the time. They now have 2 little ones. Where does the time go? Now, long overdue, I am introducing my oldest daughter, Sarah, to you! She is married to Tim Beadles and they have one 3 mo old little boy (Lucas). Sarah loves to cook AND photograph what she makes! haha I have trained my daughters well! At least once a week I will get a picture text from her of a new dish that she has made for her hubby. They are still basically newlyweds. I was just looking through her pics on FB today and saw at least a dozen food pics that she has tried and I said to her, "You need to post these on my blog!" haha I will get her all set up to start posting. I'm so excited to have them both on here with me!

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