Friday, October 17, 2008


A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to Barbi, for pointing out where the blog was, that featured this edible gift! It was on Carrie's blog - "With all that I've been given." I only wish I had seen her cute little poem before I finished my project! It's OK though, I think they turned out nice still, and those that received them were thrilled with them! I found the jars on sale this past week for $2.97 each, so I bought 2 and decided pass them both around. It only took 1 batch of cookies to fill them both. I was able to fit a dozen and a half cookies in each one. and yes, those are Monster Cookies in there!

I wrote my own poem, since I couldn't find her website beforehand. Mine isn't as clever as hers, but it works! haha My girls helped me cut the paper and stamp the labels, to jazz them up a little.

I also included a list of rules as to how it works. And then the 3rd sheet underneath has half of our church family names. The other jar had the other half of the names. With 2 of them circulating, families will get them quicker.

One of the jars went to our college kids group (5 of them) who travel back home every weekend, from Bible college, to serve in their various ministries. The other one went to a family whose husband just lost his job. They are one of the most giving families. They have shared the bounty from their garden with me, all Summer long. She also has brought in lots of neat things for our nursery and toddler rooms, along with some very clever ideas to make them run more efficiently! I just wanted to let them each know I appreciate all that they do for the Lord.


Barbi said...

Is this the one you mean?

Starr said...

Thank you Barbi! I wish I had seen this before I finished the project though! Rats! haha I think it turned out OK though. And those that received them were thrilled!

Barbi said...

I am sorry I did not find it in time but yours came out wonderful and I loved your poem. What a great idea and the perfect way to share and bring a little happiness into other people's lives. I am sure they will be a huge success!

*carrie* said...


Thanks so much for leaving me a comment and linking to that post. I am thrilled that you started such a great ministry of encouragement in your church (and beyond!) Those monster cookies look delicious!

Kathy said...

What a wonderful idea! This is a great way of getting to know new people at church. Everyone loves getting gifts, especially edible ones:). Your poem is too cute!

Nina in Portugal said...

Cute idea...wonder what the Portuguese would think of it??