Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Again, not the greatest pic. But photography isn't my forte' - at least until I can get a better camera (where's Terri when I need her?!) Anyway - if you like Fajitas, but are trying to watch your calories, you really MUST give this salad a try. It is probably my favorite salad. Super easy too! And the nice thing about it is, it's light, yet hearty enough to serve as a main course (if your hubby's not eating! haha) No, really my Honey likes this salad (as long as it's for lunch and not "supper!" haha


2 boneless skinless chicken breasts, sliced into bite size chunks
McCormick's fajita seasoning
1 sweet onion, sliced thin
1 green pepper, sliced thin
olive oil
Romaine lettuce, torn into manageable pieces
Tomatoes (whatever your favorite is - Cherry, grape, roma, etc)
Shredded Montery Jack or Mexican blend cheese
Sour cream
Guacamole - homemade or store bought, your choice (I like homemade best for the chunks)
Salsa (optional)
Tostitos multigrain tortilla chips

Heat a heavy cast iron skillet to medium heat on your stove. Drizzle olive oil liberally into the skillet. Add your sliced onions and peppers and fry until soft and opaque. I like them a bit caramelized too, but you can do what you like there. Turn down to low or keep warm, while you cook the chicken.
Heat a separate skillet over med-high on the stove. Drizzle a little olive oil in the bottom and swirl it around to coat the bottom of the skillet. Add the chicken chunks and sprinkle liberally with the fajita seasoning. Cook chicken 3-4 min and then flip them over and season the other side. Cook another 3-4 minutes. Remove from heat.
Take a large shallow bowl (none of this small cereal bowl stuff!) and layer your torn lettuce, tomatoes, warm chicken, onions, peppers and shredded cheese. Garnish with a dollop of guacamole in the center, along with a dollop of sour cream next to it (you can use the light version if you wish, but I think light and fat free versions are filth! I'd rather have the real McCoy and just eat less of it! haha) Add a few chips to the side and dig in!


Kim said...

That looks so good Starr and one I will be trying!!! When we go out for Mexican I always get chicken fajita nachos but they are soooo fattening! This could be a great subsitute!!!

Terri said...

Good photo or not that looks really yummy! Maybe I should make it and then take a picture!!!

Starr said...

DO IT Terri!! Then you can send me a better copy to put on my blog! hahahaha That would be great!