Sunday, September 14, 2008


YEP - I'm getting a hankering for Fall! It's this change in the weather, I think. It's time to break out the sweaters and big comfy sweatshirts that have been in storage all Summer. It's time for baking pumpkin pie, fresh cookies and banana bread. It's almost time for apple picking and cider and fresh donuts.... no wait.... didn't I just say in the previous post that I'm trying to drop a few pounds? Oh! But those donuts at the orchard! OH MY SOUL are they ever stinking good! Especially with a glass of cold, fresh cider. Oh what am I doing to myself? haha I was talking about Fall. And this post isn't even about food, it's about tablescapes for crying out loud!
We didn't have guests today - we will have next week. But I wanted to do a Fall table for our Sunday dinner today. I love this brown tablecloth. I got it on clearance after the season, for less than half price. The little placemat in the middle is just a remnant of a piece of Fall fabric I had. The little pumpkin centerpiece was a total impulse buy on my part. I stopped at the store to buy one thing and ended up grabbing this as I jogged by on my way to the checkout! I love it though. The candle holders, again, clearance items from Walmart. I think they were $2 each.Same thing with the napkin rings - clearance! What can I say? I'm cheap. haha This shot looks really different without the flash on the camera. The goblets have a blue hue, but they are really clear.
~*sigh*~ I love my Fall table.


Leah said...

Starr, I was home today cleaning and I was so tempted to get out my fall stuff but since it stays up until Thanksgiving, I decided I'll wait until after the first "official" day of fall. I did however finally get a 60 x 102 table cloth in fall colors so it's on my table since we had guest yesterday and we are having some tonight. AHHHHH Fall!

Kim said...

Starr your table is so pretty!!! Fall is my absolute favorite season!