Thursday, July 17, 2008


Just in case some of you, that pop in regularly, think I've gone MIA in the next several days to a week, I'm leaving you a note. Monday is the first day of Summer camp for us. I am the cook, so have been up to my eyeballs in menu prep, and shopping. Today was shopping day. Thankfully, I had plenty of help with me. Both of my girls had the day off work - WOOHOO! Monica, my daughter-in-law came, AND our "adopted" daughter Amy had the day off, Kylie came along, as well as our Summer guest, Brittany. We just made a fun day out of it.

Ever wonder what shopping for 1200 meals looks like? ROFLOL We weren't even half way done when this pic was taken. I will be preparing 12 meals, enough to feed 100 at each one, plus canteen items! Pop, candy, hot pretzels, corn dogs, etc.

These girls are always goofing off! LOLAfter I got my camera back from the girls, I found this pic on it! I wondered where they had run off to! LOL I could hear them giggling in the next aisle over. That's my daughter Sarah on the right goofing around at GFS, trying on the chefs clothing they had out for display! And my daughter-in-law, Monica acting goofy right along with her. I love those girls! They make me laugh!

Tomorrow is a FULL day of cooking for me. I have 40 lbs of ground beef to fry, 30 lbs of chicken breast to saute, 20 lbs of pasta to cook, a gallon of cheese sauce to cook, and whatever else I can find to do BEFORE next week!

I was SOOOOOO excited because while we were shopping at Sam's club today, they had samples out! That's not why I was excited LOL, but because I noticed a lady cooking a chicken dish that I had never had before. I was a bit apprehensive, but tasted it, and right there decided that it would be a new addition to my camp menu next week! It's SUPER SIMPLE and you won't believe the ingredients when I post it next week! *hehe* Remember, I HAVE to fix it and take a pic of it before I can post the recipe. LOL I'll also be posting my recipe for homemade Mac-n-Cheese.
After a busy, hot morning of shopping, we all decided on Red Lobster for lunch. It hit the spot and we had a fun time laughing and chit chatting around the table. I am a blessed woman! I love all these girls, it was like having 10 extra arms today! I didn't have to lift any cans or boxes from the shelves, I didn't have to push or pull any heavy, flat bed carts, laden with goods, I didn't have to load the stuff into the van. What a blessing they all were to me today! And you can tell from the smiles on their faces, that there really is JOY in serving Jesus!


Sara1977 said...

Whew! Thanks for letting us know. I was about to call in reenforcements to go look for you last time you left. LOL
Anyway, it sounds like you will have lots of fun. Our camp is next week too. I just love going and helping cook, but I can't go this year. Have a great time, and I'll pray that God touches lives.

Starr said...

Thanks for praying Sara. We're trusting it will be a great week for the Lord.

Robin said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!
My goodness - you are an ambitious one! I can tell I'm going to enjoy your blog, not to mention your recipes. I can tell we have a few things in common - like being pastor's wives, having daughters, and loving to cook.
I'm adding you to my bloglines right now!

Starr said...

Awwww thanks for stopping by Robin! Glad to meet you! I truly enjoyed your blog too and will be back!

Katrina said...

Hello Starr,
So glad to meet you. What a blessing you are to so many with your cooking! I can tell that your heart is in your service.

I can't wait to try your smothered chicken!
I look forward to reading your blog regularly.

Starr said...

What a sweet compliment Katrina! Thanks so much for stopping by today. I look forward to reading further on your blog as well.

Susan said...

Hey, Starr! I didn't know you had a cooking blog till I came across your other blog. They're both on my bloglines now. Have fun with camp. Wes and I are laying out this year and taking a mini vacation for ourselves. We'll jump back in next year.

I need to rummage through all your recipes and see what I can find!

Starr said...

Hey Susan! Good to hear from you. I just paid a visit to your blog!

Julie's Jottings said...

It was such a great week at camp! You did a GREAT job cookin it up!!
I sure miss those girls! They are so much fun!!!