Monday, July 14, 2008

TABLESCAPES - Seaside table

We don't normally do a tablescape for a weeknight dinner. But my daughter, Hannah set the table for dinner and surprised me with this pretty, sort of seaside combo. She said it was appropriate, since we were having fish and hush puppies for dinner! I thought it was cute, so snapped a pic to share with you on here. I love that set of napkin rings too! They are cut from real shells and are so pretty and shiny. My one regret is that I only have 4 of them, or else I would use them a LOT more. I'm not a big fan of paper napkins. I don't like to waste money on things like that. Now paper towels, that's another story! I CANNOT be without those! LOL We use cloth napkins every night. I have quite a few plain, every day type, cloth napkins. But usually I will put down place mats on the table, rather than a tablecloth.

Anyway, it was a nice surprise to sit down to dinner, on a Monday night, with such a pretty table. THANKS Hannah! You're a real peach and I LOVE YOU! XO


Deb said...

Such a pretty table scape!

Anonymous said...

Please keep these up!! I love these ideas and am going to incorporate thenm into our mealtime.

We usually only do the theme thing on Birthdays and with 5 children, Aunts, Uncles, cousins, Gpa and Gma we have one about every month.
I would love to just sit a table done like this.
Thank you