Friday, June 27, 2008


CHOCOHOLICS REJOICE! If you love chocolate, this is the cake for you! Be sure to have a TALL glass of cold milk standing by to serve with this though. This cake is SO simple, but so yummy. I made this for my daughters birthday and we drove 2 hours to visit her at the college she attends. We had cake and ice cream in the kitchen of their dormitory. Before too long, there were more than several dorm students kind of hovering around until we invited them to sit and have a piece of cake with us! LOL


1 chocolate cake mix, prepared according to package directions.

Frost your double layer chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Line the outside edge with Kit Kat bars nestled up next to each other. You may have to trim them a bit to fit the height of the cake. Wrap a colorful, wide, fabric ribbon around it and tie it in a bow. Fill the top side of the cake with chocolate kisses, Hershey's peanut butter cups, or whatever is the favorite candy of the lucky person receiving this. I was kind of "skimpy" with the candy on top of this one, but feel free to pile it on! The more candy there is, the better the presentation!


Deborah said...

That is beautiful...not to mention very tempting!

Starr said...

I'll say one thing Deborah - You REALLY have to be a chocoholic! LOL And you can't eat it without a cold glass of milk or a hot cup of coffee near by!