Sunday, June 22, 2008


OK, I'll be truthful and say I wish I could invest in a full, matching set of stainless steel appliances, but ..... some preachers just aren't in it for the money! My Honey is one of them, Shucks! *hehe*
This is my island work center. And if this thing could talk...Oh the stories it could tell!
When we first moved into this house, 7 years ago, I purchased it at Kmart for $100 or something like that. I have used this work center NON stop since then. I can't stand for things to get piled on top of it. I like it clear and ready for "action!" It holds my deep fryer, my crock pot, my rotisserie oven, and my waffle iron! On this work center, I roll out cinnamon rolls, biscuits, make muffins, fix breakfast, lunch, dinner, and prepare all manner of recipes. It sits right beside my oven ready to receive a fresh batch of hot, bubbly peach cobbler or a savory roast. I use it to serve food buffet style, when we have a houseful for church fellowships, my ladies meetings or for our family reunions. The top is a butcher block, but it is getting worn from use. I don't mind though, it's well seasoned with a lot of love baked in!

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Arlene said...

Hi there! I'm so glad you're going to try that brownie recipe; you will not be sorry -- I promise! Maybe it will make it onto a table at one of your next catered events! :~D I have a few other recipes on my blog, too, if you're interested, (and I have a link to my recipezaar member page so you can see other recipes my family has enjoyed :) In case you get bored and want to find some new ideas)

I love to find other tried-and-true recipes, so I'll be sure to check back again soon! :) Nice to "meet" ya! :D