Thursday, June 26, 2008


Do you ever do fun table themes for your family dinners? If not, you really should sometime, just to surprise your family. We were in the middle of a long room remodeling project (actually the dining room where this was done, that's why the room looks unfinished!) and I needed a night of just whimsy. I had most of the things I needed for this table theme, already around the house. The sarong I laid over a coordinating tablecloth. Most of the other things you can find at your local dollar store. The colorful fish plates, the paper umbrellas in the goblets, the silk leighs, the hawaiian girl, etc... The bamboo candles my daughter bought at the Hobby lobby for my birthday one year. She's always getting me things for my table themes! LOL Anyway, just wanted to encourage you to break "out of the box" a bit for your next dinner time and do something FUN for your family! Your kids will LOVE it! And who knows, you might even get your Honey to raise an eyebrow too! LOL
If you've done something like this in the past, please take a minute to comment and share your fun table themes with me. I'm always ready to hear more ideas!

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